As an experienced family law attorney, my practice is focused on child custody/visitation, domestic violence prevention, juvenile dependency and probate guardianships.

Child Custody/Visitation

Every family is different. Children’s activities, their ages, parents’ work schedules, the distance between parents, and a variety of extenuating factors and circumstances need to be taken into consideration when trying to determine the best timeshare arrangement.

In the mediation process, where custody issues may be involved, my goal as a child custody attorney is to work with both parties to resolve what I believe to be the most important aspect of a divorce case. Most parents that I work with agree that this is the most significant issue to be addressed. Ideally, a co-parenting plan can be worked out in the atmosphere of mediation, where both parties can offer their input about custody-related issues- topics that ultimately have the greatest impact on your child or children.

However, in the event mediation is not successful, you need an attorney who can handle your matter with compassion and competency.  Call me for a confidential consultation today.

Juvenile Dependency

Juvenile Dependency refers to a case where the Department of Health and Human Services, Child Protective Services (CPS) believes a child has suffered, or is at risk of suffering, abuse and/or neglect by a parent or guardian of a child.  There are many types of situations that can cause CPS to be concerned for the safety and well-being of a child and cause an investigation by a social worker.  Reports of drug use, domestic violence, physical abuse, and unsafe living conditions are but a few of the issues that can lead to a social worker to become involved with a family.

CPS cases are handled by the Juvenile Court and are guided by their own set of laws under the Welfare and Institutions Code.  All reports of abuse and neglect made to CPS by a party are 100% confidential.  Not every report of abuse and neglect however needs turn into a case in Juvenile Court.  Oftentimes issues can be resolved and concerns can be addressed by a family to alleviate the concerns a social worker may have.    If you or your family has been contacted by CPS for concerns regarding abuse and neglect, you have rights as a parent or guardian.  Call me today for a confidential consultation.

Probate Guardianships

Probate Guardianships are established when a child has been left without a parent able to care for them, either through death or parental absence.  Oftentimes a relative has assumed the day-to-day care, custody and control of a child with the permission of parent.  An order from the Probate Court to establish a legal guardianship is recommended in order to give the caretaker of the child the legal authority to make the decisions for their ward such as medical care and educational decisions.  Once the court makes the order for a permanent guardianship however, the caretaker and the child both have the peace of mind that the living arrangement cannot be interfered with by the parent without a court order.  Unfortunately, obtaining a guardianship order and letters of guardianship can be a confusing process for a person to undertake on their own.  The legal process to obtain a probate guardianship (either temporary or permanent) requires a host of complicated forms to be completed.  I am here to help, call me for a confidential consultation on how to obtain a guardianship order.