It’s important to me that my clients are happy.  I fight to get the best resolution I can for every client I have.  Here are what some of my clients have to say:


“Jennifer has truly been my beacon of light throughout the most difficult time in my life. She held me together during a very ugly divorce and restraining order process. At a fairly young age, you do not feel such insanely terrible things can happen to you. The degree of unfairness, & lack of justice I had to endure for almost 2 years was handled by Jennifer with the utmost professionalism, integrity, and empathy. She is very direct, knowledgeable, and patient. Not wasting any of your time or money. Not that I had much money to work with at the time being everything I owned was taken from me. My son and I were told if we left my husband, we ‘left with the clothes on our backs’.

In the end, Mrs. Wilson Tancreto fought 100% for us to make sure that was not so, she was paramount in advocating our rights diligently. I honestly cannot say enough about this family law counsel. She helped save our lives, I would never be able to thank her enough. Beyond words Jennifer, with the deepest gratitude and sincerity, THANK YOU!”

Meredith and Will

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